Do We Need Hope to Fight For Justice? - Sarah Ngu

The short answer for me is a resounding "yes!" But Sarah Ngu does the hard work of explaining exactly why that is through wonderful examples like Dietrich Bonhoeffer. 

 "Dietrich Bonhoeffer is one of the first Christians that come to mind when we think of role models for resistance. A bright, young German pastor and theologian who initially went to America to escape the rising Nazi regime, he quickly returned to Germany because he felt that he had to "share the trials of this time with my people." He was later imprisoned in 1943 for conspiring to rescue Jews, and executed in a concentration camp a few weeks before the Allies liberate it.

This is what he writes, while in prison, about who will stand fast in the face of evil:

“Who stands fast? Only the man whose final standard is not his reason, his principles, his conscience, his freedom, or his virtue....”

It is not that Bonhoeffer is against moral principles. On account of them, he condemned Hitler’s treatment of the Jews, America’s treatment of African-Americans, and so on. For Christians, moral principles matter a lot, for they are not the abstract creations of humans, but the very structure that, by the Creator’s design, undergirds the world. But Bonhoeffer led a complicated life in Germany: he had to lie and deceive almost everyone in his life to play his part as a double agent in a larger conspiracy to assassinate Hitler. So for him, his resistance went beyond standard moral principles."

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