How Natalie Lived out LoGOFF

  Photo Credit: Michael Tapp

Photo Credit: Michael Tapp

Jesus told us to make disciples and every day when you invest in NYCUP's We LoGOFF Movement, you invest in the great commission. Here is a great story from Natalie Coday, UVA '17. This is how you love your neighbor and truly live Local*. 

"It is the last night of NYCUP and Team 9 (House Divided. Kingdom United.) was on its way back to The Local. After sliding my metrocard, I began to count the members of our team as usual. All of a sudden, my hand was being held. Taken aback I turned to my side to find an elderly Chinese lady. She began asking me for directions in butchered English. I tried to explain to her that I was just a tourist and had no legitimate idea of where anything was. Hard at hearing due to old age, she did not hear me. Steven, Wes, and Nick said they would look up where she wanted to go, that they could help. So help we did. They figured out what tracks she needed to take and when to get off. Brenna and I helped her down the stairs, comforted her, and sat with her. While waiting for the M track, Fung and I sat while my team members stood around the bench. She began to ask them the same questions over and over. They were about her location, which track to get on, when she would transfer tracks, and if we were helping her. Realizing her isolation and vulnerability, I reached for her hand. The instant I held her hand in mine, she sat back on the bench and stopped asking questions. My heart melted. A simple affectionate gesture calmed her to a state of comfort and safety.

Our group made a unanimous decision to go with her all the way to her destination to ensure her safety, even though her destination was extremely distant from ours. We couldn’t just leave her on the metro and wish for the best. The whole ride I sat next to her, holding her hand. When we got off to transfer trains, some team members went to the metro information booth to clarify which track route would be best. The next thing I know, a police officer was telling Brenna and I that, “this” is not our job and that he would take care of her. The way he talked to her infuriated me and crushed Brenna. He did not seem to take into consideration her lack of hearing, slow and limited mobility, and need for assistance. She had no cell phone, no identification, and could not remember her address. She had no family in NYC and was going to a friend’s house, the address of which she also could not remember. Brenna broke down crying because Fung reminded her of her recently deceased grandmother who had Alzheimer’s. I prayed furiously in my head for her safety and patience for the cops. Recognizing our group’s discomfort and sadness, Steven suggested we do a team pop corn prayer for Fung. It was amazing to form a group huddle and pray for Fung. I know God was in our encounter with Fung and that it was not a coincidence."

LoGOFF stands for Local, Green, Organic, Fair and Free. Wanna know more? Click here. And if you would like to invest in this transformative tool, please click here