People Are More Important than Products

  Photo Credit: Efrem Lukatsky/Associated Press 

Photo Credit: Efrem Lukatsky/Associated Press 

Not every neighborhood has a Whole Foods and not everyone can afford to shop there but we would all agree to the statement: “People are more important than products.” So, what if we were able to find out more about the product and services we use every day so that we could be stewards and not just consumers. 

There are companies and organizations all over the world that don't get any attention, but what if we could shine a light so more people could find them. 

Whole Foods’ online magazine, Dark Rye, offers an article about a handcrafted shea butter co-op in Togo for women that raises funds for community projects! I love this article because it focuses not so much on the product, but on the people who come together around it: their partnership, their passion for the community, their desire to make life better!

Click here to read the entire article! These are the types of things that we support via the LoGOFF Movement. 

LoGOFF stands for Local, Green, Organic, Fair and Free. Wanna know more? Click here

LoGOFF is what Facebook, Yelp, Seamless, Tumblr and Google Maps would be if they were focused on informing and equipping users to participate in redemptive justice.

Like Facebook, building online and offline communities through sharing photos, videos, events and engaging content.

Like Yelp, an easy to use, searchable database of curated products, goods and services.  

Like Seamless, facilitate the purchase of goods and services from vendors

Like Tumblr, share expert contributor and popular user generated content.

And like Google Maps, an accessible, up-to-date map of people, products/businesses and events where users can search, rate, and purchase products and services; and connect with users online and offline via events and opportunities to serve, becoming "neighbors" much like friends on Facebook.

Our platform will guide “Neighbors” through 4 ways of personal, relational and systemic engagement. They are Prayer, Partnership, Purchasing and Policy.

Over the next 11 days, you'll see what we're doing, why we're doing it and who is already on board! And of course you'll have the opportunity to help us reach our goals!

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