Ferguson Grand Jury Response, Don't Be Silent


Followers of Jesus don't have the option to be passive, apathetic, or inactive when it comes to issues of brokenness and injustice in the world. That includes violence and pain around the corner and around the world. Micah 6:8 proclaims that we are to "SEEK justice, LOVE mercy, and WALK humbly with God." These are action verbs that take intentionality, prayer and relationship. 

Isaiah 1:17 says, "LEARN to do right, RESCUE the oppressed, DEFEND the orphan, PLEAD for the widow. Again, these are things we must LEARN to do first meaning that we might not get it right the first time. It may be messy or hard but it is necessary for disciples of Christ according to His Word (Matthew 25:31-46). 

And when it comes to the death of Mike Brown, the people of God must not be silent because God is not silent. And, when it comes to whether or not Darren Wilson is indicted, we do not have the option of saying and doing nothing. So, here are some PRACTICAL STEPS from faithful followers of Jesus in St. Louis. 

A note for Pastors: When you see "chapter", think about your congregation and when you see "students groups", think about organizations in your local communities. If your congregants need books or resources, here are four.

Forgive Us by Soong-Chun Rah, Lisa Harper, Marie Ellison and Troy Jackson. 

Generous Justice by Tim Keller

Let Justice Roll Down by John Perkins 

Divided By Faith by Emerson and Smith 

If you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to nycurbanproject@gmail.com.