New Position with InterVarsity


Thank you so much for your prayers and support for NYCUP and especially for Priscilla and I and of course #BabyWalton.

On July 1, 2016 I accepted an offer to be an Area Director-Focus with InterVarsity. On the surface, things may look the same for a little while yet there will be a significant amount of work done to ensure stability and sustainability of NYCUP. I will be focusing on three things from August 2016-January 2017 or until we reach our goal. 

  • Financial Stability
    • Reach $12,000/month in funding so that we're able to pursue year-round programming. To date, we are at $7000/month. 
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  • Campus Integration
    • integrate Feed 500, Teach Us How to Pray, the LoGOFF Movement, Bible studies and other NYCUP resources into chapters in NY/NJ - specifically our 400+ small groups. 
    • Further refine the above resources to integrate into campuses attending RecWeek (Spring Break) and our three Summer Programs: Avodah, Summer Immersion, Mont Lawn Camp.
    • Formation of LoGOFF Covenant Communities to aid in the development and implementation of aforementioned resources and programs. 
  • Staff Development Pipeline
    • Work with the Regional Leadership Team and Area Leadership Team to develop a staff recruitment and retention structure for NYCUP's programs. 

Not counting our Fall or Spring Conferences, our goal is to impact 1000 participants through NYCUP's programming during a potential LoGOFF Weekend in November, Spring Break and our Summer Programs in 2017. 

Goals for Impact

By God's grace, in 2017-2018 we will have the resources and structure to fully implement a year-round program that engages 2500 participants; and in 2018 I believe those numbers could reach 5000 as we mobilize alumni and partners for even greater mission alignment.  I'm excited for this new season to meet and surpass that impact! 

SAVE THE DATE | NYCUP Reunion July 4, 2018!

In July 2018, it will be my 10th year on staff w/ InterVarsity! And, more importantly, NYCUP will be 25 years old. We hope to organize a celebration of God's faithfulness over the last 2 decades! 

Thank you again for your prayers and partnership! If you have any questions or concerns, please email