New Position with InterVarsity


Thank you so much for your prayers and support for NYCUP and especially for Priscilla and I and of course #BabyWalton.

On July 1, I accepted an offer to be an Area Director-Focus with InterVarsity. On the surface, things may look the same for a little while yet there will be a significant amount of work done to ensure stability and sustainability of NYCUP. I will be focusing on three things from August 2016-January 2017 or until we reach our goal. 

  • Financial Stability
    • Reach $10,000/month in funding so that we're able to pursue year-round programming. To date, we are at $7000/month. 
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  • Campus Integration
    • integrate Feed 500, Teach Us How to Pray, the LoGOFF Movement, Bible studies and other NYCUP resources into chapters in NY/NJ - specifically our 400+ small groups.
    • Further refine the above resources to integrate into campuses attending RecWeek (Spring Break) and our three Summer Programs: Avodah, Summer Immersion, Mont Lawn Camp.
    • Formation of LoGOFF Covenant Communities to aid in the development and implementation of aforementioned resources and programs. 
  • Staff Development Pipeline
    • Work with the Regional Leadership Team and Area Leadership Team to develop a staff recruitment and retention structure for NYCUP's programs. 

Not counting our Fall or Spring Conferences, our goal is to impact 1000 participants through NYCUP's programming during a potential LoGOFF Weekend in November, Spring Break and our Summer Programs in 2017. 

Goals for Impact

By God's grace, in 2017-2018 we will have the resources and structure to fully implement a year-round program that engages 2500 participants. In 2011, we served over 2000 students and participants in ministry experiences year-round. I'm excited for this new season to meet and surpass that impact! 

SAVE THE DATE | NYCUP Reunion July 4, 2018!

In July 2018, it will be my 10th year on staff w/ InterVarsity! And, more importantly, NYCUP will be 25 years old. We hope to organize a celebration of God's faithfulness over the last 2 decades! 

Thank you again for your prayers and partnership! If you have any questions or concerns, please email