Don't Walk By


Knowing God's commands without living God's commands is incomplete faith. Jesus points this out when being tested by an expert in the law about how to inherit eternal life. The expert could state the right answer, but Jesus gently helps him understand that he must "Go and do likewise" after sharing the story of the good Samaritan. Faith requires our action in response to God's love and grace to us. 

Do we realize that what the Samaritan man did required great sacrifice? He probably had somewhere important to go, but he stopped and met the needs of a helpless man. I don't know about you, but sometimes I walk by people in need because I tell myself, "I'm running late. I don't have time to stop." Yet, Jesus asks more of us. 

Don't Walk By is one way to learn more about meeting people's needs in our city and loving our neighbor as ourselves. 

Don’t Walk By (DWB) is an annual outreach in New York City where volunteers walk through each street in Manhattan each winter on a search and rescue mission for the homeless. Volunteers seek to offer every single homeless person or those in need food, warm clothing, a blanket and the opportunity to get off the streets and enter a shelter and residential program.

Our Vision: Through an alliance of influential organizations, volunteers, outreach experts and resource providers, see that every man and woman living on Manhattan’s streets is offered a chance to transform their lives.

Our Mission: In response to Christ’s teaching in the parable of the Good Samaritan, we offer every single street person food, blankets, but most importantly, an opportunity to enter into a holistic residential recovery program that offers them new life in Christ and educational, vocational and housing solutions. This mission is primarily carried out during four Saturdays in typically in February in an outreach called Don’t Walk By.

Don’t Walk By is sponsored and executed through a partnership of faith-based organizations that serve the homeless population of New York City year-round. These partners are The Bowery MissionHope For New YorkNew York City ReliefNew York City Rescue Mission, and Street LIFE Ministries.

There are four events held each week in February at various locations. Click on an event below to learn more.