"Should We Celebrate When Racists Get Fired?" by Sarah Ngu

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"There has been a lot of critical buzz on online shaming, silencing, censorship – you name it – of deviant opinions and behaviors, from Kirsten Powers to Jon Ronson. There are many shades of public shaming – shaming corporations vs. individuals for instance – so let me focus on one kind of shaming in particular: Racistsgettingfired.

Racistsgettingfired is a Tumblr where people do the following:

·      You find a racist post on social media by Person X

·      You take a screenshot of it and send it to this tumblr

·      You figure out, via social media, where Person X (has to be over 18) works or studies and you call/email/tweet at them with the screenshot as proof, asking their employer or college to take action"

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Sarah Ngu (@sarahngu) is a freelance writer and an alumni of Trinity Forum Academy and Columbia University. Based in New York, she blogs on faith and culture, and produces thought leadership for businesses