LoGOFF @ UVA w/ Stephen Rowe

 It is a privilege of mine to develop leaders with the character and capacity to change the world. And it is even more amazing to see those leaders turn into multipliers and begin informing, inspiring, and equipping leaders around them. Here's Stephen's story:

On Monday I sat in the Chipotle in Charlottesville for 3.5 hours. The line wrapped around the inside of the store and I had the privilege of watching a ton of students and friends from IV pass by my table. Some people came with their small groups, others with housemates, some people ordered a ton of burritos online, and one student even delivered Chipotle to twelve of her friends.

We had been planning the LOGOFF Party for a couple months but I had no idea what would actually happen, if people would actually show up, and if LOGOFF would really take off in our chapter. It’s evident that God is moving and providing in awesome ways and I am really excited to see where Jesus is leading our chapter.

I am the Outreach Coordinator, Sensei of Outreach to some, of the IV Chapter at UVA. That means I oversee the vision and implementation our welcome, evangelism, and justice initiatives. Hosting a LOGOFF Party at Chipotle challenged me to access the needs of our chapter. When people ask, “What can I do about the injustice I see and read about,” it’s my job to make sure our chapter has clear vision, plenty of resources, and tangible next steps.

LOGOFF is awesome because its so practical. “I want to fight sex trafficking, but I don’t know what to do.” Allow me to suggest a wonderful acronym. It offers tangible next steps for people who’ve been on global missions and NYCUP a ton of times as well as for people who have never explored a topic like human trafficking. It was challenging to introduce LOGOFF to a big group of people in a setting very different from NYCUP. I had to assemble a grass roots group of volunteers that I called my Party People to help with awareness, training, mapping, and other events. After the Chipotle event, it’s evident that I have so much to learn as a disciple and as a leader.

I want pursing justice to be part of the core rhythms of our chapter. Sometimes justice can get compartmentalized into attending isolated events and riding the latest trends. But God’s call to seek justice is so much more than that. It is an invitation to pursue the heart of your creator and to partner with Christ to build his kingdom on earth. I hope that the LOGOFF Party at Chipotle is only the beginning of a lifelong journey to seek God’s heart for justice and a much longer conversation about pursuing justice as college students at UVA. It’s been a blessing to see the Lord move and our chapter begin to take corporate steps to pursuing God’s heart for justice. If I can talk to a manager at Chipotle, so can you. This has definitely been and will continue to be a blessing to our chapter at UVA and I’m sure it will be for yours too, wherever that may be.