Why Sheri gives to NYCUP!

Every day, people like you invest in NYCUP, but we don't always hear why. So, let's see why Sheri Park invests in InterVarsity!

"I love giving towards NYCUP/Spring Break because I know it is a gift that multiplies tenfold. As students gaze into the deep pain of the world around them--and the even deeper love and compassion of the incarnate God--they are changed & sent out.

I see the impression of what NYCUP did in my life years later. God is developing me in wisdom and trust. There are so many small, yet meaningful opportunities to love, and it is my experience at NYCUP that prepared me to do things like help out a person who is homeless or pray as I listen to the news. It is a journey, I'm still growing & learning--but I'm happy to say that I am not on this road alone, but accompanied by friends in my community here, and friends I still keep in touch with from my college IVCP chapter, many of whom went to NYCUP with me."

I'm so grateful for alumni like Sheri who desire students to have to same experience that she did. You too can get on board with supporting NYCUP! Here's a great opportunity: 

You may have heard that I’m running a marathon on February 22nd! I’m ready to run and here’s why: it’s my hope to raise $26,000 for the 26.2 miles in order to invest in the exciting work God is doing through NYCUP, specifically the LOGOFF movement. To learn more about this work, please click here

If you would like to give, please click here to make your donation! Thank you!