Why Tim gives to NYCUP!

It is a privilege of mine to do this work and Tim Craig is someone who makes that work possible through his devotion to prayer and giving! Here's why he supports NYCUP. 

"The last .2 miles of a marathon are very hard (because you have already run 26 miles). They are also full of joy as your multi-hour, lead-legged journey is almost over. Months of training and logging miles has finally paid off as you cross (perhaps stumble across) the finish line.

When Jonathan told me he was running a marathon and raising money, I was confused why it wasn’t $26,200. The last .2 miles count. I immediately wanted to give towards those last two-tenths of a mile.

Here’s why: NYCUP is developing a generation of student leaders with the character and capacity to run the marathon of Biblical justice in their lives and invite others to join them. The gifts that NCYUP is bringing to the table are powerful and much needed in this generation.

Just in my own life, NYCUP has transformed the way I see the homeless community in NYC. The way I view my neighborhood in Inwood has changed. My understanding of the power of the cross and Jesus’ death and resurrection has expanded. NYCUP has helped me bring my racism to Jesus, bringing healing and racial reconciliation. Finally, I have grown in articulating the gospel, prayer and leading diligently.

NYCUP doesn’t put the cart before the horse: Jesus Christ is worshipped, studied and foundational to any act of justice. It is not simply doing good things for those in need, but joining with the Lord of all to partner with Him for His redeeming purposes in the world.

I am committed to developing the next generation of student leaders in New York City and NYCUP is crucial to equipping the next generation of leaders to be change agents for the kingdom everywhere they go.

I believe in NYCUP because living a life of justice isn’t a sprint. We don’t serve hard for 40 seconds, give ourselves a pat on the back and call it a day. It is a lifelong pursuit, pouring out our lives in response to God’s love, grace and truth.

NYCUP is the best movement I know of that’s doing this." Click here if you would like to give and keep reading if you want to learn more about our exciting work! 

LoGOFF stands for Local, Green, Organic, Fair and Free. Wanna know more? Click here.

LoGOFF is what Facebook, Yelp, Seamless, Tumblr and Google Maps would be if they were focused on informing and equipping users to participate in redemptive justice.  Our platform will guide “Neighbors” through 4 ways of personal, relational and systemic engagement. They are Prayer, Partnership, Purchasing and Policy.

Like Facebook building online and offline communities through sharing photos, videos, events and engaging content.

Like Yelp, an easy to use, searchable database of curated products, goods and services.  

Like Seamless, facilitate the purchase of goods and services from vendors

Like Tumblr, share expert contributor and popular user generated content.

And like Google Maps, an accessible, up-to-date map of people, products/businesses and events where users can search, rate, and purchase products and services; and connect with users online and offline via events and opportunities to serve, becoming "neighbors" much like friends on Facebook.

Over the next 26.2 days, you'll see what we're doing, why we're doing it and who is already on board! And of course you'll have the opportunity to help us reach our goals!

Click here to invest in this transformative tool and email nycurbanproject@gmail.com for more information.