"Forgiving Dylann Roof-Is it Christian or Racist?" by Sarah Ngu

The following article was written by Sarah Ngu and is featured on OnFaith

"When the relatives and friends of those Dylann Roof killed in Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church offered him forgiveness, many, especially Christian leaders, applauded their selfless virtue. Others, however, were more skeptical, not necessarily of the forgiveness extended, but rather the forgiveness expected by the public.

“Why is it that the parents of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Jordan Davis, and the widow of Eric Garner were all asked in interviews if they’d forgive the white men who killed their loved one?” one person asked. “After 9/11, there was no talk about forgiving al-Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, or Osama bin Laden.”

Some wondered if the public, particularly white America, is obsessed with forgiveness because we want absolution. We want to be able to say, “What a beautiful ending,” and move on with this story without examining our own complicity in racism.

Forgiveness should not be “cheap grace”

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Sarah Ngu (@sarahngu) is a freelance writer and an alumni of Trinity Forum Academy and Columbia University. Based in New York City, she blogs regularly on faith and culture, and produces thought leadership for businesses.