Your Prayers and Support Matter!

Every month at least 100 people stop and pray specifically for Priscilla and I and NYCUP. It's because of the prayers and support of these investors and intercessors that God continues to grow this work. And re:write magazine took notice! 

…“It’s impossible to change the world without having been transformed by the love of God,” Jonathan says. “You can change it. You can make the oppressed the oppressor, but you won’t actually bring peace. I am unashamed to say that people who don’t follow Jesus are not going to transform the world. They will change powers and systems but they will not bring fundamental change and redemption. Redemption comes from one place. That’s Jesus. The cross. Love comes from one place. Everything else is counterfeit.”

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Re:Write Magazine is just one "Partner" that the We LoGOFF Movement could spread the word about with more support! 

What is the We LoGOFF movement? 

LoGOFF stands for Local, Green, Organic, Fair and Free. Wanna know more? Click here. Please pray for us, and if you would like to partner with us financially, please make your gift by clicking here