LOGOFF @ Chipotle (27th & 5th), September 20

  • Chipotle 234 Fifth Avenue (corner of 27th and 5th Ave) New York, NY 10001

I’ve always liked Chipotle, but the more I learn about their company, where they get their food and how they want to treat their workers – the more I like them! And now, we are partnering with them to get LOGOFF a little bit closer to being a reality.

This event is simple. When you buy a burrito, chips, that awesome guacamole or anything else at Chipotle, 50% of the proceeds go towards fighting labor and sexual slavery.

Not 5% or 15% but 50%! ***JUST TELL THE CASHIER THAT YOU’RE WITH INTERVARSITY or print out this flier. 

Come and eat dinner with us and invest in freedom, not exploitation.

And, if you’re interested in gathering a crowd for us, CLICK HERE to become a LOGOFF Captain.