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Join the LoGOFF Movement: $75K and a Steward in Every State

LoGOFF stands for Local*, Green*, Organic*, Fair*, and Free* and our vision is to transform consumers to stewards as God intended to end exploitation of people and the planet. Check out our app on iOS, Droid, and the web! 

Your giving will help us create, maintain, and innovate to Pray, Partner, Purchase and Policy-shape to seek personal, relational and systemic justice. Click here to GIVE

This $75,000 will allow us to:

- Continue our strong online and social media presence

- Graphic & front-end design maintenance and development

- Back-end maintenance and innovation 

- Continued research on User-Experience and optimization

Still need to know what LoGOFF is? Click here to see our video! And click to see our cheat sheet

AND if you want all of the details - click here on our complete LoGOFF Definitions!

And, we're not just looking for funding, we're looking for you to join our team! Click here if you're interested in joining the LoGOFF Movement and leading a community to seek shalom.