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God Belongs In My City

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October 25, 2014 marks a very important day in New York City. While many individuals will be preparing for halloween activities, the body of Christ will be uniting to host the 6th Annual God Belongs In My City walk in New York City! At this point, over 10,000 individuals have walked through the streets of NYC proclaiming that God belongs there!

We are so excited to be announcing this event because we KNOW just how much New York City needs God! Our schools, government, social groups, media and community members need the revelation of God desperately. Because of that, we are continuing this prayer walk that began five years ago with over 1,500 strong believers. 

We will follow the original walking path that we used the first year of the GBIMC walk with the exception that this year, we will end at Times Square. Because of the growing number of walkers, we can no longer end at Grand Central Station. The starting point for Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan, Long Island, and Staten Island is at Battery Park (Point A) in Manhattan. The starting point for Midtown Manhattan and Queens is 110th Street and 5th Avenue (Point B). The starting points for Bronx, Upper Manhattan, and Westchester is 110th Street and 5th Avenue (Point B) or W 168th Street and Amsterdam Ave (Point C). All locations will meet at 9:00am and will pray there for New York City's education system and government leaders. From all points, we will meet at Times Square and pray for the people of our city, and the media. We will also pray there for the world, its leaders, and unity within the church.

Please DO NOT keep this to yourselves! Spread the word about this event and invite any and everyone to join us! The word ofGod states, "He who has ears, let him hear!" - Matthew 13:9. On that day we want to spark a revival in New York City! We want our education system to better meet the needs of our children. We want government officials to make sound decisions that can benefit our communities. We want the citizens of New York to rise up, find jobs, take care of their families and be productive individuals. We want the media to clean up their act and consider what they portray to viewers. We want the body of Christ to unite and stand in the gap for those who cannot.

Please fax in (718-399-7778) your t-shirt order forms to order your t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts as every person walking will be wearing one that day. All t-shirt order forms MUST be in by Monday, October 20th if you want them in time to wear for the walk. For more information, please call (718) 413-8599 or email We are looking forward to seeing you there on October 25th for 6th Annual walk!

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