Program Overview

Avodah is a Hebrew word whose root has three distinct yet intertwined meaning: work, worship, service. The root of this ancient word speaks life to the present day. If God can and should be the center of every sphere of our lives, how do we do that with our work? We aim to inform, inspire and equip the next generation of marketplace leaders with the tools necessary to reframe, integrate, and apply faith in Jesus particularly to their everyday employment. With a generous grant from the Lilly Foundation our 6-Part lecture and discussion series invites all attendees to Avodah Our God at in their vocation!

On Sunday and Wednesday evenings in Summer 2016, our attendees attended Calvary’s worship service facilitated jointly by Calvary Baptist and InterVarsity ministers. Immediately following the service a dinner and discussion period around the topic that was broached, featured Christian professionals in the city who shared more deeply, expounding on the topic. Then, on the following Wednesday night, we facilitated an interactive workshop where attendees will applied said principles and constructed a discipline to integrate these values into their daily lives.  Click here to see our videos from last year! 

Our content included practical skills for setting boundaries and building healthy relationships, fighting anxiety materialism and jealousy. Additionally, we covered having a sabbath and creating a rhythm of life that is faithful and sustainable. Click here to see our entire series from 2016!

Based on our feedback, we will announce our intended schedule and registration details in April 2017. If you have any questions or concerns, please email