NYCUP SIP is a residential program that uses New York City as a classroom to provide leadership development, vocational clarity, and practical steps towards whole-life stewardship. Our staff work with students to identify full-time internships that connect their area of interest or demonstrated capacity with NYC non-profits, businesses and traditional discipleship ministries with a focus on restorative biblical justice; as well as those interested in entering fashion, business, medicine or another sector of the marketplace.  See a sample application here

Our past partners have included Nomi Network, Restore NYC, Rogison Institute at Cornell-Weill Medical School, and professionals in video and photography. For example, students desiring to see redemption of sex-trafficking victims but were also entrepreneurial were partnered with NYCUP alumni who started Nomi Network. Or those interested in careers in education invested efforts at Operation Exodus. Our internships in 2017 included: 

  • Good Journey: students interested in business, media, fashion, and entrepreneurship will work with this start-up to educate, compel and celebrate consumers and businesses fighting exploitation of people and the planet. 
  • "Those People" Media Project: students interested in reconciliation work around race, gender, class, and political differences will work with Jonathan Walton and other leaders to create resources to develop leaders able to seek shalom and justice. 
  • NYC Relief: Students worked to connect our friends without homes and stability to resources and relationships
  • NYCUP: students interested in leadership development and mentoring worked with Jonathan Walton to develop materials including 2 book proposals. 

Historically, we also work and serve alongside members of Christ-centered ethnically and economically diverse churches including Calvary Baptist, Redeemer Presbyterian, Christ Crucified Fellowship, Christian Cultural Center, Overseas Chinese Mission Church and New Life Fellowship Church to provide a fuller picture of the body of Christ of which we are a part. 

At NYCUP SIP, we aim to commission leaders with (a) key leadership competencies, (b) a heart for ministry engagement, (c) vocational discernment, and (d) spiritual formation and discipline. Students are oriented towards pursuing mission in the marketplace and serving in traditional discipleship ministry, whether full time or part-time. The program will culminate with an invitation to opportunities such as InterVarsity Staff, overseas and domestic ministry opportunities, seminary studies or to fashion, business, media or another discerned field.  

Cost: The cost of our leadership program is between $3300-$5000. This covers all room, board, travel, food, honoraria, staff, counseling & resource costs for this program. The full amount must be raised for participation. A fundraising website is created upon your acceptance into the program as well as training provided.  


When is NYCUP SIP?

Because of NYCUP's growth, there will not be a NYCUP Summer 2018 so that we are able to restructure for sustainability. Please email if you have any questions or concerns. 

When is the application due?

Applications are usually due on January 25 of the application year. 

How many students will you be accepting?

We take 10-12 leaders.  

Do I have to stay on-site with everyone?

Yes. Students and volunteers are required to spend each night at NYCUP Housing.  The goal of NYCUP is for you to build your relationship with God, with the community and with one another.

Do I have to be a part of InterVarsity to come?

No, but you must be of college age to attend, 18-29. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. All applicants will need to provide references. 

Can my church/school help pay for the trip?

Yes! You may ask your student government, church and other groups to co-sponsor to send your group to NYCUP! The gifts ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Are there discounts or scholarships?

No, there are no scholarships or discounts. 

Does registration cover travel?

No, you are responsible for your own travel expenses to reach NYCUP. Once you arrive, all program expenses are covered by NYCUP.

When should I do SIP?

The best time to do SIP is between your junior and senior year, but all applications will be considered. 

Please contact us at with any questions.

New York City and this world are in dire of need of a gospel narrative that is not centered on selfish ambition and personal prosperity. Our identities must be unbound from performance and accomplishments, and rooted in being children of God; and we must no longer worship the idols of power, money, sex, and success and see Jesus as Lord and Savior. This will only occur if we provide biblical teaching, mentoring and model practical steps for integrating the Gospel into every piece of our lives for the next generation of ministers, moms, professionals, and politicians.